Practicing minimalism can positively impact the way you live your life. It can also change the way you view and approach all the events that take place.

During a guided meditation, the idea was brought to my attention, and I found it quite fascinating.

For context, below is an excerpt from the Calm meditation that explains what minimalism is and provides analysis on how to incorporate it into your life.

“We live in a culture that forever encourages us to consume, buy and own. And why not? There certainly is a bit of joy in acquiring something new.

But the satisfaction doesn’t last. And it doesn’t lead to real happiness. If it did, we’d be overcome with joy every time we opened our closet.

Acquiring more things doesn’t just fail to bring us happiness, it can also lead to more stress. Our mental state is influenced by our environment. So, a cluttered home can result in a cluttered mind. Simplifying and minimizing our living space may help us experience greater clarity and tranquility.

Minimalism suggests that most of us spend far too much time and energy focused on material things, which distracts us from the relationships and undertakings that really matter. This lifestyle philosophy invites us to reassess our values and ask ourselves, what will actually bring a lasting sense of well-being?

The idea isn’t to get rid of all our belongings, or to cease to consume altogether. Minimalism proposes we clear out the excess clutter and unnecessary consumption so we can focus on the things in our life that are truly important.

This can mean something as simple as getting rid of certain clothes, so we only have the essential pieces we use. Or, it could be as big as downsizing our home so we can work less and spend more time with family.

Whatever we decide is appropriate for us, there is wisdom in minimizing what we own and consume, preserving money, energy and time for what will nourish us in profound and lasting ways.”

Minimalism can certainly apply to our closet, home and other material items. It’s smart to only buy or hold onto what we truly need and what we will routinely use, which will validate that items possession.

However, I think the concept holds further value in our minds.

It’s important to master the ability of prioritizing our thoughts and filtering out the ones that are negative or just don’t hold significant meaning. The thoughts you “buy” and “hold onto” should be filled with positivity and purpose, serving to keep you moving forward.

Thoughts and ideas that do nothing to help you now or in the future should be eliminated and minimalized in order to preserve your time and energy for the ones that do help you.

Often times in life, people choose to worry about certain things that may or may not happen. Rather than making the most of the moment or day in general, the focus is stuck on the many anxious thoughts associated with this worry. I’m guilty of it as well.

There’s a quote that reads, “worrying is like paying a debt you don’t owe.”

If you can minimize the troubling, unnecessary thoughts, the worrying will cease. Worrying will only make a situation worse, no matter what it is.

It’s not just thoughts of stress and worry, either. There are thoughts that arise daily that lead us down paths that have no business being traveled.

It’s fascinating when you realize the amount of thoughts or things you do each day that have a neutral or negative impact on your life. A majority of them don’t need to exist in the first place.

Simplifying your mind and retaining only essential, productive thoughts will prevent against a cluttered and overwhelmed mind. It will lead to more success and clarity in everything you do.

So, if you can work to incorporate minimalism into your life, the benefits will have you living a life of increased simplicity and peace of mind.

The Wrap Up

Perspective. Perspective and minimalism go hand in hand. When you put things into perspective in your life and sort out what’s important, it’ll be much easier to minimize what isn’t.

Minimalism is the type of concept that might seem hard to gain traction on, which results in many people brushing off its importance. However, it’s also something that once it finds its way into your life, you will be permanently changed for the better.

It’s a trickle-down effect, from the most important life events, all the way down to the simple things. If you minimize your thoughts and actions to what truly matters, and the things that bring you peace and happiness, you will flourish.

“Love people; use things. The opposite never works.”

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