What is your Purpose?

When you wake up in the morning, what drives you?

What is your why?

The importance of purpose is undervalued. In order to live a fulfilling life, and in order to flourish, you must have a purpose.

You need a “why” to keep going. Before you can experience growth with real effectiveness, there has to be a purpose behind it.

Check out this statement below from a Fearless Motivation podcast:

“Did you know, and do you not agree, that right now, there is someone who has less intelligence than you, started with less money than you, has less opportunities than you have, and worst of all, has less passion than you. And they are living their dreams, earning millions, or doing something that you would love to do. Someone has already done, and is already doing, what you want to do. And no, they didn’t fall into a rich family to do so, and they were not born lucky. You know you can be more. You can have more, do more and be more.”

After hearing this, two thoughts came to my mind.

  1. I need to do more in order to be more in my life. I need to make good use of what I have to ensure that I live a successful, happy and fulfilling life.
  2. I will no longer live my life for anything other than my purpose. That is the only way I will manifest the thought above.

Some people chase money and fame. If that’s not your true purpose, it will never fill you with lasting happiness.

Other people lack purpose and may seem lost at times. They know what they want or how to get it, but they won’t ever achieve it because they don’t understand why they want it. They don’t have a reason to keep them pushing towards it.

If you don’t have something that inspires you every day you wake up, then you have no real reason to improve your life.

There needs to be a fire burning inside you that will not allow you to accept anything less than greatness. This motivation enables a strong mental state and helps you aspire towards personal growth.

When you have a clear purpose, it brings you a relentless drive, even when you begin to doubt your progress at some point.

Negative opinions will be meaningless because your purpose is what lights you up and keeps you going. It gives you the extra strength that you need to conquer all fear and achieve your goals.

Some examples might include proving someone wrong, living out a dream or making a family member proud. There are many different kinds. Some are broader and others are exact in relation to more specific events.

Find yours.

Image via goalcast.com

Why do you do what you do? You can ask yourself this question and apply it to any area in life. It can be for your job, fitness, diet, meditation, spirituality, hobbies and much more.

Why do I work out? I want to maintain my physique and continue to improve my body.

Why do I eat healthy? I want to fuel my body with energy and nutrients that are essential to feeling well.

Why do I meditate? I want to sustain a healthy mind and master the ability to clear my thoughts and shift my focus when needed.

Why did I start this blog? I want to utilize my talent and passion, and because of the fear of looking back and seeing “average.”

These are questions I often ask myself to stay motivated. You have a reason why for everything you do. How well you do it depends on the importance of the purpose behind it.

It needs to be something you aren’t afraid to sacrifice for. When you begin to sacrifice things that bring only temporary happiness, that’s when your purpose is fully activated.

Once you know your why, write it down and read it to yourself every day. Make a personal agreement to adjust your life so that everything you do is backed with purpose.

It can evolve over time, too, just like your mind and body. It may change based on new things that come into your life.

Most people share one common motive: happiness. Everyone wants to be happy. The key is chasing the right kind of happiness – one that is sure to last forever and coincide with your purpose, which in turn will fuel your pursuit of being happy.

We only get one crack at life. You have to make it a priority to understand why you’re living and what you’re doing everything for.

Successful people have a clear purpose and vision. It’s that simple. There is nothing more powerful than a human being with purpose.

Find your why. Find your purpose. And you will have no problem flourishing in all areas of life.


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